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Wage Subsidy

Wage Subsidy Work Experience Program

Supports Job Seekers to learn while they earn & helps Employers to provide quality on the job training to new employees.

Program Objective: To assist job seekers in securing long term full time employment.


  • The program subsidizes the wages of a new employee to offset the cost of training. A signed contract between the EPBC employer and the job seeker must be in place prior to the new employee starting work. Currently the subsidy is 50% of the hourly rate of pay for up to 24 weeks.
  • The position must be at least 35 hrs / week.
  • We are looking for employers who are willing and able to take time to help the new employee become a valuable member of their team.

Job Seekers, in order to be eligible, you must be:

  • In need of work experience to obtain your employment goal
  • Unemployed or underemployed (working 19 hours per week or less)
  • Must have an Employment Insurance (EI) attachment, defined as:
  • Currently receiving Regular EI benefits or
  • Had a regular EI claim within the last 5 years or
  • Had a maternity or parental EI claim within the last 5 years.

Need work experience? Please call 250-250-286-3441 to start the process

Employers to be eligible must be:

  • In compliance with Employment Standards, Workers Compensation, the Income Tax Act, and Employment Insurance.
  • In business for at least ONE year with a CRA business number.
  • Registered and in good standing with WCB coverage and comply with BC Labour Standards.
  • Insured – greater than or equivalent to 2 million dollars commercial general liability insurance and able to confirm that no workers will be laid off as a result of the new placement.
  • Prepared to orientate and train the new employee.

Position to be eligible must be:

  • A full time position (min of 35 hours per week) and intend for the position to be long-term.
  • The job seeker can not already be working in the position.
  • A set rate of pay – commission only positions and piece work are not eligible.
  • Able to pay reasonable and competitive wages.

Call us before you hire: 250-286-3441 

We can not assist if the job seeker has already started work for the employer.

Ineligible activities under the Wages Subsidy work experience program:

  • Helping an employer resolve cash flow issues by subsidizing a position otherwise unaffordable.
  • Providing assistance to an employer to hire a person they would normally have hired without the wage subsidy incentive.


For more information about the Wage Subsidy please contact

Chris Callanan, Regional Manager Employment Services at 250-286-3441 or