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Tourism in B.C.

BC and it's majestic landscapes and diverse experiences draw tourists from around the globe, making tourism a major economic driver that generate billions in revenue, employs thousands, and supports countless numbers of small businesses across the province. It bolsters infrastructure, funds cultural events, and contributes significantly to provincial tax revenue. Additionally, tourism fosters intercultural understanding, showcasing BC's unique identity and promoting appreciation for its natural wonders. However, the influx of visitors also presents challenges. Increased pressure on infrastructure and the environment can strain resources. Housing affordability becomes a concern, particularly in popular destinations, pushing residents out. Overcrowding and environmental degradation in sensitive areas pose risks. Balancing the economic benefits with responsible tourism practices remains a crucial conversation, ensuring BC's rich natural beauty and cultural richness remain sustainable for generations to come.

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Government of BC Tourism Resources

Campbell River Tourism & Visitor Centre 

Campbell River Association of Tour Operators

Visit Port Hardy

My Vancouver Island North

Information and resources on living and working on Vancouver Island North.

Tourism Vancouver Island

Destination Campbell River

Destination BC

Providing information for industry and media including marketing updates, tourism research, news releases and human resources and corporate backgrounds.

Destination Canada

Destination Canada offers a number of valuable resources, detailed research and information to help you make profitable business decisions. Get tourism news delivered to your Inbox each day, gain early access to new program and marketing opportunities and discover tools to help you run a business more effectively.


The go to website for people in tourism. Search for jobs, learn about tourism careers and education, and access the Serving it Right program online.


Mount Washington Ski Resort

One of the biggest employers of young people in the Northern Vancouver Island area - especially in winter. Check out job opportunities and apply online.

North Coast Hotel Group

NCHG operates both Painter's Lodge and April Point in Campbell River.

North Island College

NIC has a number of Tourism & Hospitality programs available to people wanting a career in the industry.

Tourism HR Canada

Find out what’s needed to work in the industry and how to prepare yourself for a career in Tourism.

UN Tourism 

UN Tourism is the leading international organization in the field of travel and tourism.