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Posting a Job?

North Island Employment Foundations Society is proud to support our regional employers and keen to engage with you on initiatives that keep British Columbians working and businesses thriving.

We invite you to post open opportunities on the free North Island Job Board, one of the most highly accessed job search resources for North Island Job Seekers throughout our region. Easy to use and mobile friendly, reach a wide audience in minutes with just the click of a few buttons.

If you have questions or need a hand with your posting, be sure to call our helpful team at 250-286-3441, or toll free at 1-866-286-6788.

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Talent Talks: A Hybrid Event for North Island Employers

Coming June 03, 2024 

Designed especially for North Island Employers, this unique event promises to be both engaging and informative. Scheduled presenters include representatives from WorkBC Assistive Technology, WorkSafe BC, Tees Kiddle Spencer Law Firm, and WorkBC Centre North Island.

Participate online or in person at 920 Alder Street, Campbell River, and feel free to attend any or all of the presentations scheduled from 11am-1pm.

Light refreshments will be served to those participating in person. 

Call 250-286-3441 or toll free 1-866-286-6788 to register today!

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Have You Heard About Wage Subsidies?

Designed to benefit both employers and job seekers, Wage Subsidy Programs provide financial support to employers by covering a portion of an employees wage as they receive on the job training and gain new skills. 

Using a wage subsidy not only covers a portion of the wages, but can:

  • reduce work-related barriers for an employee with a disability, or with complex work related needs
  • reduce the overall costs of bringing on a new employee
  • help an employer fill needed positions

Contact us at 250-286-3441 or toll free 1-866-286-6788 for more information.

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Human Resource Information

Building a successful business takes time, energy, and determination.  With success comes growth, and with growth comes the need for attracting, hiring, training, & retaining the right people with the right skills at the right time. 

Whether you are looking to connect with our Employer Services team for in-person HR related services or support, or simply looking for a curated list of websites providing reliable, relevant and timely information about recruitment & retention, performance management, compensation, training & skills development, etc. you've come to the right place.


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Labour Market Information

For a job seeker, labour market information provides valuable insights into job opportunities, salaries, and industry trends, helping individuals make informed decisions about their careers. Accurate labour market information serves as a compass for navigating the job market, enabling individuals to make choices that align with their goals and aspirations, ultimately contributing to personal and financial well-being.

For employers, it provides valuable insights into the current state of the workforce, allowing them to make informed decisions about recruitment, retention, and overall workforce planning. By understanding the supply and demand for specific skills, employers can tailor their hiring strategies to attract qualified candidates and address potential talent shortages. LMI also helps businesses stay competitive by staying informed about industry trends, salary benchmarks, and emerging skills. This knowledge enables employers to create competitive compensation packages, identify areas for employee development, and make strategic decisions to ensure their workforce aligns with the demands of the market. Ultimately, having access to labour market information allows employers to adapt and thrive in a dynamic and ever-changing business environment.

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Employer Services

North Island Employment Foundations Society (NIEFS) understands that at the heart of every great business are great people and we are committed to providing timely services designed to support the recruiting, development, & retention of talent that can help your business thrive.

Our skilled Employer Services team can help you:

  • Connect with the Wage Subsidy program
  • Gain access to valuable & timely labour market information to help inform business decisions
  • Tap into rich, diverse pools of talent - both skilled workers and those who may be new to the labour market
  • Host a hiring event unique to your business needs 
  • Access resources and/or learning opportunities specific to North Island economic development
  • Arrange to use our private office space for interviews or meetings