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About Us

Founded in 1986, NIEFS is a cornerstone in communities, building extensive partnerships with businesses, other agencies, communities and individuals across the Vancouver Island North region. These partnerships are integral to our ability to assist people to build self-sufficiency through active and sustainable participation in the labour market and assist employers to hire the right people, with the right skills at the right time contributing to a strong, resilient and healthy community.

As a leader in workforce development and the primary employment agency in the Vancouver Island North region, NIEFS has been nominated for Non-profit of the Year and Business of the Year and recognized with the Diversity Leadership and Business of the Year (26-49 employees) award by the Campbell River Chamber of Commerce Business Awards of Distinction. NIEFS has also received provincial recognition as Career Development Organization of the Year by the BC Career Development Association and Employment Organization of the Year by the Association of Service Providers for Employability and Career Training.

Our culture is one of professional excellence, mutual respect, collaboration and commitment to people and community which is demonstrated through our Gold Certified Career Development Agency status awarded by the BC Career Development Association.

Logo identifying NIEFS as a Gold level certified career development agency by the BCCDA

Our Mission

To assist those in need with the development of skills that will enable them to find and hold employment in an ever-changing world.

Our Core Beliefs & Values

We believe in people-centred development because this is a sustainable process based on integrity, trust, empowerment, honesty, justice, equity, and joy.

We believe in working collectively and collaboratively because of the interdependence of our work and our communities.

We believe all members of our organization are committed to providing leadership in creating opportunities for people to experience learning, growth, and development. 

We will be at the forefront of learning that develops the talent and potential of people.

reception desk area with stone wall background that has NIEFS logo on it.

Our Objectives

To assist people with transitions into the emerging labour market.

To shorten periods of dislocation and to increase workers’ attachment to the labour force.

To develop solutions to unemployment that are community based and build upon existing resources.

To develop solutions to unemployment that reflect the changing nature of employment and the reorganization of work.

To develop partnerships and networks of support that will assist the unemployed to become employed.

Our Purposes

To act as a community resource for the gathering and sharing of information that will contribute to the skill and development of those in need.

To develop and sponsor employment training opportunities, programs, and services for people experiencing difficulty finding and holding employment.

To identify and acquire the necessary resources to fulfill the Society’s mission.

To promote life-long learning and the creation of learning cultures in both non-profit and for profit organizations and businesses.

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