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Aquaculture is all about the cultivation of aquatic organisms under controlled conditions. It goes beyond traditional fishing, embracing a diverse array of activities such as fish farming, shellfish cultivation, and even the cultivation of algae.

With our pristine coastal waters and suitable climate, Vancouver Island provides an ideal environment for aquaculture operations, particularly for salmon farming and shellfish cultivation. Aquaculture not only supplies fresh seafood to local markets but also generates revenue through exports, bolstering the island's economy. Moreover, it  may offer sustainable alternatives to wild fisheries, helping to alleviate pressure on marine ecosystems while supporting coastal communities. However, it's essential to manage aquaculture practices carefully to mitigate potential environmental impacts and ensure the long-term health of Vancouver Island's marine ecosystems.

City of Campbell River Aquaculture Sector Profile

Provides an overview and insights into the local business environment, municipal support, education & training opportunities and more.

Tops of outdoor blue and yellow canopies on Salmon Day in Campbell River. One reads MOWI, the other CERMAQ

BC Salmon

BC Wild Salmon

A site promoting BC wild salmon with information and links to industry related sites.

BC Salmon Farmer's Association

The voice of the province's salmon farming industry. Read about hot topics, news, health related issues and labour market stats.

MOWI Canada West (formerly Marine Harvest)

Mowi Canada West is the world's leading seafood company and largest producer of farmed salmon and one of the North Island's major local aquaculture employers.

Cermaq Canada

With their main office in Campbell River, Cermaq employs many people in coastal communities.

Grieg Seafood British Columbia

With an office in Campbell River, Grieg Seafood has farming operations on both the west and east sides of Vancouver Island.  

eagle fishing in a river, has a fish in its talon

Fisheries Management & Research

Pacific Region Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Fisheries management, habitat and enhancement, enforcement and more.

Government of BC: Fisheries and Aquaculture

This government website includes resources, reports and statistics on BC Fisheries and Aquaculture.

BC Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences

The BC Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences (BC CAHS), is a non-profit organization in Campbell River facilitating services and applied research in: *Fish health & welfare *Environmental interaction *Industry innovation *Knowledge transfer *Food safety

Archipelago Marine Research Ltd. is a biological consulting firm that has provided fisheries and marine biological services to both public and private sector clients since 1978.

David Suzuki Foundation

Includes summaries of reports on Fisheries.

Canadian Aquaculture Industrial Alliance

Provides background info to the industry for anyone thinking about aquaculture as a career. Look under the HR and skills section for specific career information

Additional Resources

AKVA Group

AKVA is a unique industry partner with the capability to offer both pen farming and land based aquaculture operations with complete technical solutions and service.

Badinotti Group

Provides net and other innovative solutions for the aquaculture industry.

BC Shellfish Growers Association

Quarterly Newsletter on industry news, classifieds, upcoming events, industry encyclopedia. Based out of Comox.

Divesafe International

DIVESAFE International is an internationally recognized world class Commercial Diving School or "technical trade school" located on Vancouver Island. They specialize  in Commercial Dive Training for Inland and Offshore careers.

Pacific Seaweed Industry Association

The Pacific Seaweed Industry Association (PSIA) is a non-profit, member-driven, industry association that works to develop awareness around the benefits and diverse use-values for seaweed. The association will collaborate with stakeholders to develop educational material, new technology and promote innovation. The organization will also advocate to all levels of government for support of this emerging industry sector

Poseidon Ocean Systems

Poseidon Ocean Systems delivers innovative, industry-leading solutions that maximize aquaculture value chains. 

Vancouver Island University

VIU offers three different programs in the fisheries and aquaculture industry.