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Our website is more than just a great place to post a job, it's an access point to a wealth of resources specially curated for employers, job seekers, career researchers, and other interested in the world of employment & training. 

Be sure to check out the Employer Hub where you'll find information on the the full spectrum of services available to North Island employers.

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Posting on the North Island Job Bank

  • User friendly online job posting form
  • No character restrictions in terms of content
  • Ability to upload your own branded PDF of your job posting
  • Quick and easy for staff to re-post a previous posting
  • All email/website links will be hyperlinked
  • Ability to search job postings (industry, job type, location, wage)


North Island Job Board Terms of Use

Any business/organization posting a job on the NIEFS job board must be compliant with all applicable legislation, including, but not limited to: the Employment Standards Act;  Workers Compensation Act; Income Tax Act (Canada); and the Employment Insurance Act (Canada). NIEFS does not generally monitor or filter the content of the jobs posted on the NIEFS job board. However, it is NIEFS policy that any job posting that falls within any of the following categories will not be posted and may be removed, as the case may be:

  • job postings from placement agencies that charge fees to applicants
  • job postings containing inappropriate, offensive or illegal content, such as defamatory statements, inflammatory or discriminatory content or hiring practices based on gender, sexual orientation, age, religious affiliations, disability or ethnicity
  • any commercial solicitation and/or advertising other than for specific employment opportunities
  • job postings that require job seekers to participate in unpaid training as a condition of hiring

Notwithstanding the foregoing, NIEFS will not have any liability for any information posted by third parties, even if NIEFS has been advised of any offending content in such information.

Job postings will typically be advertised on NIEFS website and in our resource centre for 14 calendar days, unless otherwise determined by the employer. However, NIEFS will not have any liability for the earlier or later termination of a job posting for any reason.


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Questions about how to use this feature?

Contact the Work Support Centre staff by email at [email protected], by phone (250) 286-3441 or drop in Monday - Friday from 8:30-4:30pm (excluding statutory holidays).

person holding a sign that has been torn into 2 parts, one that reads IM, the other Possible

Untapped Talent: A B2B Guide to Innovative Hiring and Retention

Developed by Mission Possible and funded by the BC Ministry for Social Development and Poverty Reduction, this informative and easy to use guide has been divided into 3 sections which includes benefits on hiring and retaining untapped talent, recruitment practices to gain access to different talent sources, and retention practices that can help you keep employees engaged once they are on the job,

"Information in this resource has been gathered from business leaders and subject matter experts with experience in developing innovative, inclusive and supportive hiring and retention practices..

This business to business resource aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) easily adapt hiring and retention practices, in most cases at no cost. Learn from other businesses on how to be more responsive to workforce needs, stay competitive and viable, simply by doing things differently. Doing things differently doesn’t need to be difficult, but with major workforce shortages currently facing Canadian employers, now is the perfect time to innovate employment practices to find and keep available talent. This Guidebook will help you:

 — Adapt recruitment and retention practices to gain access to a wider resource pool 

— Learn from other businesses about what’s worked best for their companies 

— Understand what could be holding people back from working with your business"

Source: Untapped Talent

Explore the guide here: