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Director of Maintenance and Infrastructure

Director of Maintenance and Infrastructure

Expiry Date: 
Monday, October 2, 2023 - 9am
Job Type: 
Port Hardy and North Island
Port Hardy
Kwakiutl Band
Management/ Administration
$115 – 130k/yr
The Director of Maintenance and Infrastructure is tasked to oversee all aspects of Maintenance and Infrastructure service planning, budgeting, and reporting. Primarily an office-based administrative role, the Director of Maintenance and Infrastructure is responsible for the successful management of all reserve infrastructure and physical assets. They work in cooperation with all program managers and the band manager to ensure that the long-term goals of Kwakiutl in relation to infrastructure are successfully planned for and met on a short, medium, and long-term basis.

- Is responsible for the Five and Ten Year planning of infrastructure of the Kwakiutl First Nation, including roads, water, and sewer systems, Kwakiutl Nation-owned buildings, groundskeeping including climate change readiness work, storm water management, fire abatement planning, and overall management including budgeting, record keeping, finance, grant applications, and reporting associated with all maintenance department pillars.
- Works directly with ISC, INAC, other funders, professional organizations, and neighboring community service partners regarding all high-level financial and legal aspects of the Nation's infrastructure and maintenance needs.
- Answers to the Band Manager and directly supports the Maintenance Operations Supervisors and Lead Hands in their annual operational work and special projects.
- Works with all department managers to establish long-term infrastructure and development goals, plans, and financing.
- Oversees all HR circumstances within the Maintenance and Community Works Department
Qualifications & Experience: 
Education Preferred:
- Project Management Experience or Certification
- Diploma or Degree in related field
- Demonstrated high level management experience in similar field will be considered

Experience Preferred:
- Demonstrated Project Management Experience
- Supervisory Experience
- Financial understanding
- High degree of computer literacy
- Ability to budget and report
- Understanding of Indigenous Community Management
How to apply: 
Closing: September 25, 2023
For inquiries or application: